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By BlackBeltPanda » 8 months ago
Towny has a useful GUI (Menu) you can access with "/tgui". In this menu, you'll have access to almost all of the usual Towny functions by clicking on the appropriate icons. For example, you can toggle the Plot Map on/off by clicking the "Resident" icon, then the "Toggle" icon, and finally the "Map" icon.
Some of these functions require input, such as creating a new Town and giving it a name. Simply type the input into chat and it will apply to the function you're using. For example, when purchasing Bonus Townblocks under the "Town" icon, you'll have to specify how many you'd like to buy. Simply type that number into chat and you will purchase that number of Townblocks.

If you want to use the commands, instead, or want to use a function you can't find in "/tgui", please refer to this resource for a list of the individual commands and their descriptions:

Note: If you'd like to use the "/towny" command for the Towny plugin, please use "/ty". For example, instead of "/towny map", you'd use "/ty map".