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16 Nov 2021
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07 Dec 2021

Welcome to PandaCraft's new official website! If you've visited us before, you might be wondering why the sudden change. I'll explain!

We recently acquired some nicer hardware for the servers. This of course means we had to transfer everything over from the old machine to the new one. During that process, I had a choice: transfer over the existing bug-riddled underused website or make a simpler, stabler version. The choice was obvious. =P

So, what's different? The biggest change is the removal of the forums. With Discord as popular as it is, and with how easy it is to use, it just doesn't make sense to run needless forum software. As such, the forums were dropped in favor of moving all server conversation to Discord and the tutorials to the new "Tutorials" link the navbar above. User registrations are disabled for the time being since there's no need to register on the site now that the forums are removed.

Other than that, the portal was removed to help reduce confusion. Now, you'll land directly on the front page when you visit. Additionally, a status page was added so you can see the status of the individual networks, as well as the whole network in general.

Along with the new website, you may have noticed the color scheme's changed a bit. While the old black and green was nice, purple is just more eye-catching. I'll be slowly updating the color scheme across the servers as I have the time, so look forward to that!

Speaking of the servers, a new central hub is currently being worked on, as well as a new spawn for both Skyblock and Towny. Stay tuned for more updates on those.

I hope you enjoy the new site! I'll be making updates to it periodically to add some more polish. =)

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