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IGN: Ngis
By Ngis » about 1 year ago

Have you ever visited /is w Ngis on Skyblock (if you haven't you should) and gone: "Wow, I wish he built me." (Seriously, if you haven't been to my island go there before reading further!)

Well, after thinking about things related (and also not related) to this subject, I finally decided to start thinking of a way to implement them to my island! And now ladies and gentlemen (or whatever you identify as) you can buy your own personal statue made the same way as the (ex)Staff statues. Of course if you don't want yourself on my island, but would rather prefer yourself on your own island, I can comply with that.

And now you are probably wondering: "Ngis, oh Ngis! But how much will it cost me to have me built?" And my answer to that is: "I have no idea who you are as you are reading this, BUT jokes aside YOUR STATUE'S COST WILL VARY". I, with some Sci-Fi level calculations will calculate the cost of your statue and that rounded up with magical world of rounding shall be the price of your statue. But if you want a price range, the price can vary all the way from 400¥ to an astounding 19,500,000¥! (And yes that is almost 20 million.)

And that's not all! All of my staff statues are made to look like them using the Default texture pack. If you're good at figuring things out, you'll know where this is going. SO, I have decided that I shall use any resource pack that you desire to make it look good using that pack. This is for when you are using non-default which could make the statue reminiscent of a try-hard copy instead of your skin. Of course, using a resource pack most likely will change the price of your statue, sometimes up and sometimes down, so be clear when requesting a statue to be built with a pack.

And as a last thing. If you ever decide to change your skin and would like me to update your statue to that certain skin, I shall do that! For a price that is. I will calculate the cost of the new skin, and make it for 25% of the normal cost! (What a deal!) But if money isn't a problem for you, you could always just ask me to build another one.

tl;dr I will built your CURRENT skin as a statue on my or your island.
The price varies on the materials and is 400¥-19500000¥.
You can have make the statue in a texture pack of your choice.
I can update the statue to your latest skin if you happen to change it for 25% of the normal price.

So if you want to have one built by me just copy+paste the form below this line and fill in the blanks!

Your in-game name:
On my island or on yours:
Texture pack to use (Leave empty if Default):

If you do that, I'll try to contact you in game as soon as possible, I will tell you the price, and with the money in hand I shall start to work on your statue. (And if you want that statue on your island, it would make my job not impossible by trusting me after being payed.)

That is all for now! Toodles~

P.S. Staff still get statues for free. Damn those terms and conditions!

 /$$   /$$           /$$           /$$
| $$$ | $$          |__/          | $$
| $$$$| $$  /$$$$$$  /$$  /$$$$$$$| $$
| $$ $$ $$ /$$__  $$| $$ /$$_____/| $$
| $$  $$$$| $$  \ $$| $$|  $$$$$$ |__/
| $$\  $$$| $$  | $$| $$ \____  $$    
| $$ \  $$|  $$$$$$$| $$ /$$$$$$$/ /$$
|__/  \__/ \____  $$|__/|_______/ |__/
           /$$  \ $$                  
          |  $$$$$$/                  


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IGN: xtilly5000
By xtilly5000 » about 1 year ago

    Information Form:

​In-Game Name: ​xtilly5000
Island to Build: ​Mine
Texture Pack: ​Default

​Budget: 1,500¥ - 20,000¥


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IGN: Professor_F
By Professor_F » about 1 year ago

IGN : Professor_F

island to build : mine and Its_BurtY__'s (both me, just different acc's)

texture pack : Loki Craft

budget : 100000¥ - 1000000¥


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IGN: Jp__
By Jp__ » about 1 year ago

IGN: Jp__

island to build: both

how ever much it costs under 20k 



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IGN: Professor_F
By Professor_F » about 1 year ago

IGN : Its_BurtY__

island to build : Professor _F

Tex pack : standard

Budget : 100k 

p.s. you have built this skin before :)



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IGN: PandaGirl964
By PandaGirl964 » about 1 year ago

In-game name: PandaGirl964 (Nick is ~HorsePlay)

Island to build on: My island (warps open)

Budget: $1500-$150000

thank you :p


Aint nobody got time for Dat!


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IGN: rapphy243
By rapphy243 » about 1 year ago

Your in-game name:rapphy243 (warp is allways open)
On my island or on yours: my island
Texture pack to use:

​ 100k- 500k


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By 1K2C3M » about 1 year ago

Your in-game name: 1K2C3M
On my island or on yours: Yours
Texture pack to use (Default if you dont want any): Default


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By MEMNOCH97 » 10 months ago
Your in-game name: MEMNOCH97
On my island or on yours: Mine
Texture pack: Default
Budget: 1,000,000-50,000,000

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IGN: SleepPowder
By SleepPowder » 9 months ago
Your in-game name: SleepPowder
On my island or on yours: Mine
Texture pack to use (Leave empty if Default):