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InvTweaks Installation Guide

 As you may or may not be aware, the inventory sorting plugin was recently removed from the server, due to the fact that it was constantly causing duplications of inventories. What this guide aims to do, is to help you to install a Client-side mod called InvTweaks, whichs functions in an almost identical manner. This guide is a step-by-step precess, designed to help those who are unfamilliar with the installation of mods.
 Modding of minecraft is somewhat risky buisness. Do not proceed any further if you do not want to risk damaging your minecraft installation. If you do wish to continue, and something breaks, know that it is you who took the risk. If you need any additional help, message me either here on the forums, or on Discord (hint, its that big button at the top called "Chat") and I will gladly help you when I can. Please do not bother Kissi or Panda with this, as installation of this mod is not something that is directly associated with this server.

Step 1: Getting the Mod
 Before you can get/install InvTweaks, you need to download and install minecraft Forge (the site can be found here: On that page, you should be confronted by two download sections, called "Download Latest" and "Download Recommended". We shall be using the recommended version. Under it, click the button that says Installer, and save the file somewhere safe. We will be using this, once we get InvTweaks.

 Next up, you will want to aquire the latest version of InvTweaks, which can be found here: On that page, you will want to click the little orange box off to the right side that says "Download Now". Save it to the same safe place where you saved Forge. You are now ready to install!

Step 2: Installing the Mod
 To start, run the Forge installer File. It should ask you to either Install Client, Install Server, or Extract. We want to install it to Client, so make sure it is selected, and click ok. After a few moments, it should have successfully installed Forge. You can check this by opening your minecraft launcher, clicking on profile, and switching it to the new "forge" profile before clicking on play (if it didn't create one for you, make a new profile, and where it says use version, click release 1.X.X-forge). Running minecraft at this point will help too, as forge still has a few files it needs to ensure that it runs smoothly, as well as allowing forge to create the folder we will be using later.

 Once that is done, navigate to your .minecraft folder. If you don't know how to get there, open your resourcepack folder from in-game, and go up one level (the little Up arrow, next to the address bar at the top). You should see a folder called mods. Open it, and drag the InvTweaks file, into this folder.

 And thats it! You have just successfully installed InvTweaks for Minecraft. When you next start minecraft using the Forge profile, it should say 4 mods loaded, 4 mods active in the bottom left corner of your main menu. When you first join a world/server InvTweaks will quickly write its own options file which will be used from there onwards. Pressing the "R" key, should sort your own inventory. If you want to sort a chest, open it and click one of the first 3 buttons in the top-right corner of the chest window. The 4th button allows you to open the InvTweaks options which will allow you to set up the mod as you please.

 Your new forge profile WILL NOT be using your optifine that you have currently installed. If you wish to run optifine as well as forge, go and get the newest version of optifine as per usual but instead of clicking it and installing it, drag and drop the Optifine file into the mods folder with InvTweaks. Forge will recognize the file and run it as well. You'll know when you reach the main menu, because it will then say your version of optifine as well as the standard forge message.
tl;dr: Go back and read it all, there is sadly no way to make this post into a tl;dr for you lazy people.

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