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IGN: Eaglesfan123
By Eaglesfan123 » 11 months ago
Why were you punished?: I was punished for something I had no clue about, ban evading. My brother, J2TWINS came on to my account and did something about his ban and got me banned. 

Why should we allow you back on the server?: You should unban me because I really enjoy playing on this server and I will tell J2TWINS to not let it happen again. smiley

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IGN: Kissi
By Kissi » 11 months ago
That is the result of being on the same IP. Because we are unable to decipher between the two of you and I have yet to see you both playing at the same time, or communicating at the same time, I have to remain skeptical about who you, or your brother are.

At this time I will not lift the ban.