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By BlackBeltPanda » 5 months ago
October is here! This is my favorite time of the year, so I'm going all out with the sale. =P
EVERYTHING in the store (except, again, Sponsor) is 50% off until November 1st! =O
NEW in the store are:
I've redecorated the Skyblock, Towny, and Hub spawns and installed a brand new Pets plugin! For information on the pets and how you can obtain them, see this forum post.

The Build Competition is over and the winners have been announced!

New competition is here! Let me see your best haunted house! Top 3 builds will earn prizes on the PandaCraft Network! =D

  •   Haunted House.
  •   Build your best idea of a haunted house.
  •   Must fit the theme.
  •   Must be no larger than 50x50x50.
  •   Both the interior(s) and exterior of the build should be decorated. I.e. - Furniture, plants, decorations, etc.. "/ehc", "/banner", and "/blocks" should be helpful, here.
  •   The plot may contain multiple buildings, but they should all be part of the same overall build.
  •   Do NOT copy another build, including those from tutorials. Your build must be unique and original to you.
  •   Do not include other builds on the plot that you don't want judged as part of the build unless they are clearly separated.
  •   Plots will be judged based on overall appearance and any functionality by myself, Kissi, and any staff that volunteer to judge.
  •   The top three builds will be weighted based on preference by each judge and then all scores will be averaged to determine the first, second, and third place winners.
  •   1st Place - Gold Title (/tags) and a $30 PandaCraft Store coupon.
  •   2nd Place - Silver Title (/tags) and a $20 PandaCraft Store coupon.
  •   3rd Place - Bronze Title (/tags) and a $10 PandaCraft Store coupon.
  •   You have until October 28th to enter your build into the competition.
  •   To enter your build into the competition, stand in the plot the build is on and run the command "/comp enter". You must be the plot owner to do this.
  •   You can only have one plot entered in the competition.
  •   If you change your mind and want to leave the competition, or if you want to enter a different plot, instead, run the command "/comp leave" and it will remove your plot as an entry.
  •   Judging will occur on October 29th and 30th and the winners will be announced October 31st.

Updates since the last announcements:
  • "/recipe" now works again in Skyblock and Towny.
  • Fixed an issue some players were experiencing when purchasing items from the store.
  • Fixed an error when messaging a player on the website.
  • Fixed the NPCs in Towny's spawn so they no longer find their way to the roof.
  • Fixed crafting furniture on the Plots server.
  • Fixed an error when running "/ech" on the Plots server.
  • Converted the permissions system from PermissionsEx to LuckPerms.
  • Spawners should now stay in your inventory when you die.
  • Spawners should also no longer be blown up by explosive damage, such as from TNT or Creepers.
  • Attempting to drop a spawner requires dropping it a second time as confirmation to prevent accidentally tossing it out of your inventory.
  • Dropped spawners should no longer despawn.
  • As long as a Sonic Screwdriver is not in your offhand, it should no longer be fired by bows. Be sure to move other arrows closer to the first slot in your inventory than the Sonic Screwdriver if you want the bow to fire.
  • You sould no longer be able to place Infused Magnets.
  • Pickaxe^3 and Excavators now check each block for build permissions so you can't accidentally use them to destroy blocks outside of your land claims/island.
  • Pickaxe^3 can now mine Concrete and Glazed Terracotta.
  • Excavator can now dig Concrete Powder.