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  1. BlackBeltPanda

    Builders Wands

    Builders Wands allow you to build multiple blocks at the same time. For example, you can create a line, wall, or floor of blocks all with one click. There are 4 types of Builders Wands: Builders Wand, Enhanced Builders Wand, Supreme Builders Wand, and Unbreakable Builders Wand. To use a...
  2. BlackBeltPanda

    Back to School Sale and TONS of updates!

    Back to School Sale is live! The Back to School Tag pack and Back to School Kit have returned for a limited time. They'll be available until September 30th! This sale ends September 16th; until then, enjoy 50% off ALL ranks, the School Furniture pack, Back to School Kit, and Back to School Tag...
  3. BlackBeltPanda

    Hard Mode

    The Hard Mode starter island is a bit special. Unlike the other islands, it does not come with ice blocks, water, lava, or even a bucket. Instead, you must obtain those yourself using the PandaCraft custom items. It's also quite a bit smaller and has a very annoyingly tall tree. This starter...
  4. BlackBeltPanda

    Clay Buckets

    Clay Buckets offer an alternative to the usual Iron Buckets. They're easier to craft but they don't hold up to heat quite as well so they'll break once you place Lava with them. However, they can place Water indefinitely. To craft Clay Buckets, you first must craft an Unfired Clay Bucket, which...
  5. BlackBeltPanda


    Composters offer a way to obtain Dirt by composting items. They can also be used to collect rain water. Composting: By right-clicking the Composter with a compostable item, it increases the level of compost in the Composter by 1. Once it's reached 8 levels of compost, or 8 compostable...
  6. BlackBeltPanda


    Rocks are used to craft Cobblestone and can be obtained from sifting Dirt in a Sieve. Each Dirt block sifted yields one Rock and you can combine 9 of them in a Workbench to craft one Cobblestone. Right-clicking with a Rock will throw it and deal a single point of damage and some knockback to...
  7. BlackBeltPanda


    Silkworms can be used to obtain String. The only way to get Silkworms is to use a Crook on leaves, which has a chance of dropping them. Once you have at least one Silkworm, you can right-click a leaf block to "infest" it. After about 100 seconds, the leaf block will turn into a Cobweb to...
  8. BlackBeltPanda

    Transport Pipes

    Transport Pipes allow you to transfer items from one container to another. There are also special pipes that can craft items, void items, and filter items. Pipe Types: Colored Pipes: These pipes simply transport items. By using different colors, you can easily run pipes side-by-side without...
  9. BlackBeltPanda


    Welcome! =)
  10. BlackBeltPanda

    Fresnel Lens

    The Fresnel Lens is a custom item that will turn Granite or Polished Granite into Obsidian or Lava, and Cobblestone or Stone into Lava. To use the Fresnel Lens: Make sure it's daytime (it needs sunlight to work) Right-click in front of the Fresnel Lens with a Granite, Polished Granite...
  11. BlackBeltPanda

    Summer Sale and Transport Pipes!

    The Summer Sale is here! From now until July 13th, enjoy 50% off all items in the PandaCraft store!* In other news: You've asked for it and now it's here! Introducing Transport Pipes! This is a new feature in Towny that allows you to automate item transportation, sorting, crafting, and even...
  12. BlackBeltPanda


    Crafters are machines that will automatically craft items for you. Once you've placed down a Crafter, simply sneak+right-click it to open it's GUI. In the GUI menu, there will be a single open slot where you can place the item you wish to craft. After you've placed the item you want to...
  13. BlackBeltPanda


    Collectors can be used to automatically pick up dropped items, similar to hoppers. Unlike hoppers, Collectors have an adjustable range (up to 6 blocks) and the ability to blacklist or whitelist items to control what it picks up. After placing a Collector, you can sneak+right-click on it to...
  14. BlackBeltPanda

    A Skyblock Let's Play!

    :mc_296-0: Episode 23 of my Skyblock series! :mc_296-0:
  15. BlackBeltPanda


    Hey, this is TheBlackBeltPanda and in this thread I'm going to introduce myself! :LOL: I'm from New York, run a YouTube channel, and own the PandaCraft Network! I love pandas and I do have a black belt! A few, actually! Currently, I'm what you'd call a "Starving Artist". I'm trying to bring...
  16. BlackBeltPanda

    New Site! 50% Off Easter Sale!

    As you can see, we've got a brand new site! :whistle: I've been working pretty hard on getting this up and running over the last couple weeks and I'm really pleased with how it turned out. There's an entirely new home page, forums, vote page, and a major redesign of the site theme. I hope you...
  17. BlackBeltPanda

    READ ME!

    This section is for applying to become a member of the PandaCraft Staff team. Staff are responsible for moderating the server, ensuring players are following the rules and helping out whenever possible. This position is voluntary and you need to be an active member of the community. If you think...
  18. BlackBeltPanda

    READ ME!

    This section is for applying to become a member of the PandaCraft Build Team. The Build Team is responsible for creating builds for the PandaCraft server, such as spawns, arenas, or anything else that's needed. If you think you have what it takes, please use the following format to submit an...
  19. BlackBeltPanda

    READ ME!

    This section is for appealing a ban. If you believe your ban should be appealed, please use the following format to request an appeal:
  20. BlackBeltPanda

    READ ME!

    This section is for reporting bugs or exploits you discover on the server. Please use the following format when submitting a report: