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  1. BlackBeltPanda

    Transport Pipes

    Transport Pipes allow you to transfer items from one container to another. There are also special pipes that can craft items, void items, and filter items. Pipe Types: Colored Pipes: These pipes simply transport items. By using different colors, you can run pipes side-by-side without them...
  2. BlackBeltPanda


    Welcome! =)
  3. BlackBeltPanda

    Fresnel Lens

    The Fresnel Lens is a custom item that will turn Granite or Polished Granite into Obsidian or Lava. To use the Fresnel Lens: Make sure it's daytime (it needs sunlight to work) Right-click in front of the Fresnel Lens with a Granite or Polished Granite block After about 20 seconds, the...
  4. BlackBeltPanda

    Summer Sale and Transport Pipes!

    The Summer Sale is here! From now until July 13th, enjoy 50% off all items in the PandaCraft store!* In other news: You've asked for it and now it's here! Introducing Transport Pipes! This is a new feature in Towny that allows you to automate item transportation, sorting, crafting, and even...
  5. BlackBeltPanda


    Crafters are machines that will automatically craft items for you. To use a Crafter, you'll have to follow a few steps: After placing the Crafter, place either a Hopper pointing into it or attach a Cargo Node to it. Place an Item Frame on any side of the Crafter. Place the item you wish the...
  6. BlackBeltPanda


    Collectors can be used to automatically pick up dropped items, similar to hoppers. Unlike hoppers, Collectors have an adjustable range (up to 6 blocks) and the ability to blacklist or whitelist items to control what it picks up. When you place the Collector, an Item Frame will appear on one...
  7. BlackBeltPanda

    A Skyblock Let's Play!

    :mc_296-0: Episode 23 of my Skyblock series! :mc_296-0:
  8. BlackBeltPanda


    Hey, this is TheBlackBeltPanda and in this thread I'm going to introduce myself! :LOL: I'm from New York, run a YouTube channel, and own the PandaCraft Network! I love pandas and I do have a black belt! A few, actually! Currently, I'm what you'd call a "Starving Artist". I'm trying to bring...
  9. BlackBeltPanda

    New Site! 50% Off Easter Sale!

    As you can see, we've got a brand new site! :whistle: I've been working pretty hard on getting this up and running over the last couple weeks and I'm really pleased with how it turned out. There's an entirely new home page, forums, vote page, and a major redesign of the site theme. I hope you...
  10. BlackBeltPanda

    READ ME!

    This section is for applying to become a member of the PandaCraft Staff team. Staff are responsible for moderating the server, ensuring players are following the rules and helping out whenever possible. This position is voluntary and you need to be an active member of the community. If you think...
  11. BlackBeltPanda

    READ ME!

    This section is for applying to become a member of the PandaCraft Build Team. The Build Team is responsible for creating builds for the PandaCraft server, such as spawns, arenas, or anything else that's needed. If you think you have what it takes, please use the following format to submit an...
  12. BlackBeltPanda

    READ ME!

    This section is for appealing a ban. If you believe your ban should be appealed, please use the following format to request an appeal:
  13. BlackBeltPanda

    READ ME!

    This section is for reporting bugs or exploits you discover on the server. Please use the following format when submitting a report:
  14. BlackBeltPanda

    READ ME!

    This section is for reporting players you've witnessed breaking the rules. Please capture some form of evidence; a screenshot is fine for things like players advertising other servers but a video would be preferred for things like players using cheats. Please use the following format when...
  15. BlackBeltPanda


    Skyblock and Towny have a unique pet system that allows you to leash various mobs and convert them into pets. Pets can level up by earning experience and can learn skills along the way. Pets also have a hunger system and need to be fed to keep them alive. Pets can die but they will respawn after...
  16. BlackBeltPanda


    At Spawn, you'll see two Crates, an "Alpha" and "Omega" crate. You can open these Crates with keys to win special prizes! You can purchase the keys at Purchasing ranks also comes with keys. The Sponsor rank has a weekly kit that gives you an Alpha and Omega Key. Lastly, you...
  17. BlackBeltPanda


    Bridges are configurable-width flat sections of the world that you can toggle on and off. The width of the bridge can be changed. They can be toggled by right clicking a sign, or; They can be set with redstone input. Construction Bridges consist of three parts: The bridge part made out of...
  18. BlackBeltPanda


    Elevators allow you to move between floors easily. Signs must be created in the same location but above or below in order to link floors to each other. Construction Elevators are just wall signs that are above or below each other. However, there are three different types of wall signs that...
  19. BlackBeltPanda


    Gates are fence gates made of arbitrary shapes and sizes that can be toggled on and off. They can be toggled by right clicking a sign, or; They can be set with redstone input. When toggled off, gates leave the top row of fences intact as so it knows where to restore the fence blocks...