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Camera System

The PandaCraft Camera System gives you the ability to create paths that your character will follow so you can record high quality cinematic or build footage. You can only use the PandaCam system while in Spectator mode ("/spectate"). Type "/cam help" in-game to see a list of PandaCam commands.

To use the camera:
  • Enter Spectate mode with "/spectate"
  • "/cam p" to create a new point along the camera path. Default players get 16 points, Count+ get 32 points.
  • "/cam p <#>" to replace a point along the path with a new location.
  • "/cam start (time)" to start moving your character along the camera path. Ex. - "/cam start 5m" will move you through the path in 5 minutes.
  • "/cam start (time) true" to loop the camera path until you type "/cam stop".
  • "/cam list" to list your points.
  • "/cam r" to remove the last point you made.
  • "/cam r <#>" to remove a specific point.
  • "/cam goto <#>" to teleport to a specific point.
  • "/cam save" to save your path so it doesn't get deleted on restart. Baron+ can use this feature.
  • "/cam load" to load your last saved path. Baron+ can use this feature.
To get the best quality video, I recommend starting the camera at a higher time, like 5m or 10m depending on how many points you have in the path. The video will be slower but smoother. You can then speed the video up in your video editor which will produce even smoother video footage. Shorter times, like 10s or 30s, will probably produce jittery footage.