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The primair task of the capacitors is to extend the energy circuit created by the energy regulator by another 7 blocks (ofcourse it needs to be in range of the regulator or an other connected capacitor). The capacitor doesn't only increase the range but it also stores energy produced, so your machines can run a bit longer after there is no energy produced anymore. The amount of energy stored depends on the type of capacitor. The different types are:
Small (stores 128J), medium (stores 512J), big (stores 1024J), large (stores 8192J) and carbonado edged (stores 65536J).
Capacitors are also recipes for items like the Fluid Pump.
As more energy is stored in the capacitor you can see the red bar in the center go up untill it reaches the end and goes from red to orange to green, as an indicator showing how much energy is stored in it.
Capacitor recipe1.png
Sulfate 1x
Redstone 2x
Redstone Alloy Ingot 2x
Duralium Ingot 4x

Medium - Large:
Capacitor recipe2.png
Carbonado Edged:
Capacitor recipe3.png
For every upgrade place the previous model in the center (example: for a medium capacitor, place a small one in the center) and a type of ingot in every corner.
Older model capacitor 1x
Redstone 2x
Redstone Alloy Ingots 2x
Ingot 4x
Medium: Billion Ingot
Big: Steel Ingot
Large: Reinforced Alloy Ingot
Carbonado Edged: Carbonado
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