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One cool feature of the Plots server is the ability to drive minecarts around like cars. To use this feature, simply place a minecart down, hop in, and go. Once you leave the minecart, it will be removed to keep the server free of minecart clutter.

The controls
The controls used for driving are for the most part intuitive and seamless.

Control Use Function
Steering Looking around Turns the car in the direction you are looking
Accelerate Use the 'forwards' key (w) Makes the car move forwards
Reverse Use the 'backwards' key (s) Makes the car move backwards
Brake Use the 'right' key (d) Makes the car travel slower
Exit Vehicle Sneak (Shift) Exit the car
Toggle Steering Mode Jump (Space) Toggle between steering with the mouse and steering with the A/D keys

Effect Blocks
These can be positioned in on the ground, or one block below it, and will each have an effect on the car when driven over.

Type Default block Action
Medium boost Gold block Applies a medium boost, for a reasonable amount of time
High boost Diamond block Applies a large boost, for a long amount of time
Slow down Emerald block Terminates any boosts a car has
Jump Iron block Makes the car jump the height specified in the config
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