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Coal Generator

Coal Gen.png
Coal generators are the most used generators in slimefun, all because it uses cheap materials to create energy (like wood and coal) and it has a cheap recipe compared to other generators that generate the same amount of energy. Just like any other item which requires/generates energy, place it within the range of a regulator or capacitor to work. After you placed the gen down, right click it and you should see this UI:
CG Interface.png
The coal generator uses a basic UI with the open slots on the left being the input and the slots on the right being the output. The Coal Generator does not produce anything so the output is completely useless for this machine. Once the gen is in use (when you put one of the accepted items in the input slots) the black stained glass pane will change into a flint and steel and when you hover over it with your mouse, you will see how long the gen will be able to draw power from the item that is in use at that moment. The amount of energy generated and the amount of time it takes to consume depends on the item, which are:
-(any) Wooden planks/log: 16 J/s, lasting 1 s (generates 16 J in total)
-Blaze rod: 16 J/s, lasting 12 s (generates 192 J in total)
-(char)Coal: 16 J/s, lasting 8 s (generates 128 J in total)
-Block of Coal: 16 J/s, lasting 1m 20s (generates 1.28k J in total)
CG Recipe.png
Furnace 1x
Electric Motor 1x
Heating Coil 2x
Nickel Ingot 3x