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Players Online

Command List

  • /plot claim - Claim the plot you're in.
  • /plot auto - Claim the nearest plot.
  • /plot delete - Delete your plot, unclaiming it.
  • /plot visit [#] - Teleport to a specific plot
  • /plot kick - Kick a player from your plot
  • /plot middle - Teleport to the middle of the plot you're in.
  • /plot trust - Allow a player to build in your plot.
  • /plot add - Add a player to your plot. Allows them to build while you're online.
  • /plot deny - Block a player from your plot.
  • /plot remove - Remove a player you've added from your plot.
  • /plot merge [all|north|east|south|west] [removeroads] - Merge plots together. Can only be used if you have multiple plots claimed next to each other. Use "/plot merge" to merge in the direction you're looking, specify "all" to merge all, or specify a specific direction to merge in. Specify "removeroads" to leave roads in-tact when merging.
  • /plot unlink - Unmerge plots that have been merged together. Will unmerge all plots in a "megaplot".
  • /plot flag - Set a flag for your plot. This lets you control things like the plot's weather, time, music, etc.
  • /plot desc - Add a description for your plot.
  • /plot alias - Add a name for your plot.
  • /plot sethome - Set the home location for your plot.
  • /plot toggle - Toggle plot chat or the titles that appear when you enter a plot.
  • /plot inbox - View the comments for your plot or delete them.
  • /plot comment - Comment on a plot.
  • /plot chat [message] - Send a message to plot chat or toggle plot chat on/off.
  • /plot save - Save your plot. Useful for restoring it if you mess something up.
  • /plot load - Load your saved plot.
  • /plot download - Download your plot as a .schematic file.
  • /plot set value - Set various aspects of your plot.
  • /plot clear - Clear your plot. This will remove everything in it.
  • /plot music - Set plot music. Count+ benefit.
  • /plot biome - Set your plot's biome.
  • /plot info - View info of the plot you're in.
  • /plot list - List plots
  • /plot help - View help for Plot commands.