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Crafters are machines that will automatically craft items for you.

To use a Crafter, you'll have to follow a few steps:
  1. After placing the Crafter, place either a Hopper pointing into it or attach a Cargo Node to it.
  2. Place an Item Frame on any side of the Crafter.
  3. Place the item you wish the Crafter to Craft inside the Item Frame.
  4. Feed the items required to craft your desired item into the Crafter through either the Hopper or Pipe. You'll need to insert at least twice as many as the recipe requires since the Crafter stores one of each item inside it to prevent its inventory from getting clogged.

Afterward, the Crafter will spit the crafted item out in front of it. You can place a chest, or another Crafter, in front of it and it will insert the crafted item into that block, instead. This is useful for chaining multiple Crafters together to craft more complex recipes. For example, you can have one Crafter turning logs into planks feeding into another Crafter turning those planks into sticks and feeding into a third Crafter to turn those sticks, along with some cobblestone, into a stone pickaxe. Such a system can be used to automate crafting items to keep other machines stocked, i.e. - crafting pickaxes, hammers, or axes for a Miner.

As mentioned above, the Crafter will keep at least one of every item inside its inventory. This means that, even if you have enough materials to craft one item, it won't craft that item until it has at least two of every required material. This is to prevent the Crafter's inventory from clogging up with one material, leaving no room for other materials the recipe requires.

The Crafter can be used to craft PandaCraft-specific items, such as Hammers, Crooks, and even other machines. It can also be used with Pipes; it will place crafted items into a Pipe in front of it and you can insert items into with a Pipe.
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