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Players Online

Helpful Building Features

Plots has some helpful features to make it easier to build:
  • "/ehc" - Opens a menu with custom heads you can use for decorating. There's a search button at the bottom that allows you to search for a head. Alternatively, use:
  • "/ehc search <searchTerm>" - Search for a specific head in the heads menu.
  • "/blocks" - Access the "Secret Blocks" menu which allows you to get blocks normally unobtainable through the Creative inventory, such as double-slabs, full-bark logs, mushroom blocks, end gateways, etc.
  • "/banner" - Opens a Banner Creator menu where you can easily create banners.
  • "/color" - Opens an Armor Color menu where you can create leather armor with specific colors.
  • "/bu" - Open a menu that allows you to toggle the following features:
    • Iron Trapdoor Interaction - Allows you to right-click Iron Trapdoors to open/close them.
    • Custom Slab Breaking - Allows you to break only the top or bottom part of a double-slab instead of the whole block.
    • Glazed Terracotta Rotating - Allows you to rotate Glazed Terracotta blocks by sneak+right-clicking them.
    • Nightvision - Gives you the Nightvision effect.
    • NoClip - Allows you to move through walls.
    • Advanced Fly - Attempts to mitigate the "drift" when you stop moving while flying. Results in more precise stopping, making it easier to build while flying.