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How to Apply for the YouTube Rank

The YouTube rank on the PandaCraft Network is designed to make recording easier. With the YouTube rank, you have access to extra in-game benefits. These include:
  • YouTube title - "/title" to change your title
  • Added to the list of YouTubers in "/youtubers"
  • Colored prefix in Tablist and above your head
  • Automatic inventory sorting - Toggle with "/autoinv"
  • Automatic Hotbar stack refilling - Toggle with "/autoinv"
  • Instant teleports
  • Ability to use "/near" to view nearby players
  • Ability to use "/back" to teleport to your last location or where you died
  • Ability to change the time for yourself with "/ptime"
  • Ability to change the weather for yourself with "/pweather"
  • Ability to craft and place Furniture from the Office and House Packs.
  • Ability to disguise as a cow, sheep, pig, or chicken with "/dis"
  • Ability to use Gadgets, Particles, and Emotes with "/uc menu main".
  • Skyblock: 32 PandaCam Path Points - "/cam help" for more info
  • Skyblock: Ability to save/load PandaCam Paths - "/cam help" for more info
  • Skyblock: Island Animal limit of 90
  • Skyblock: Island Monster limit of 70
  • Skyblock: Island Villager limit of 20
Players have access to a list of YouTubers with the command, "/youtubers". This will bring up a menu with the heads of all the current PandaCraft YouTubers. Clicking the head will open up a menu with the YouTuber's information and icons to click for retrieving the channel URL or opening a list of recent videos.

To qualify for the YouTube rank you currently need the following:
  • A YouTube Channel with 250+ subscribers.
  • At least 2,500 total video views across all videos.
  • At least 50 videos.
  • At least 5 separate PandaCraft-related videos with "PandaCraft" in the title and "" in the description.
The requirements are subject to change and some exceptions are made for very active players.
To apply for the YouTube rank, type "/yt" in-game. This will bring up a menu listing the requirements and an icon you can click to apply. Simply follow the instructions it gives you in chat and, if you qualify, you will be given the YouTube rank automatically.
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