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PandaCraft Server Rules

Staff have a very busy, and often times stressful, life on the server enforcing the rules. Please do not make their jobs more diffcult by arguing with them, disrespecting them, or interfering with them while they're helping another player. Also note that staff may be AFK while online, generally indicated by "[AFK]" next to their name in tab, so don't be upset if you don't receive a response from them in-game.
If you believe a staff member is abusing their abilities or is not behaving as a staff member, please report the incident with screenshots or video and the date/time it occurred in the forums.

English Only in General Chat
Because PandaCraft staff speak English and cannot determine whether players speaking other languages are breaking chat rules, please keep chat in General chat English-only. You may use other languages in private chats, such as prviate messaging, party chat, or island chat.

Swearing is allowed in a general sense. You are not allowed to direct swears at other players. More serious swears will be caught by the filter. If you attempt to swear and it gets filtered, please do not attempt to bypass the chat filter; it means that swear is not allowed.

Spamming is not allowed. This includes:
  • Spamming teleport requests
  • Spamming auctions with items renamed to be "clever" or with junk items at abnormally high prices
  • Countdowns
  • Breaking sentences up into multiple chat messages. Example: "This" "Is" "An" "Example"
  • Spamming /votekick on a player without a legitimate reason.

Things such as arguing, flaming, begging for items or staff positions, role-playing in general chat, religion and politics, and anything else that can start an argument are generally not allowed. You will be asked to stop and, if you do not, you will be punished.

Griefing is broken up into three categories:
  • Low: We will not restore anything if you have invited some one to your island and they break a tree or destroy a few blocks.
  • Medium: Severe damage done and some chests broken with valued items taken. Staff will investigate to determine if items should be restored based on the circumstances that led to the griefing.
  • High: If someone has bypassed the protection system and completely destroyed and griefed your land or island then this is restorable by staff. Also if you have invited someone to your island or land and they destroy the majority of it and take all the valuable items, then this is also covered under the restore feature that staff can do.

Advertising other servers or websites that pertain to another server is not allowed.
Advertising irrelevant or inappropriate websites or YouTube videos is not allowed.
We do allow players to advertise their personal Youtube Channel, Twitch Channel, and Twitter.
We also allow posting YouTube tutorials related to Minecraft.
HOWEVER, if the YouTube content being posted contains advertising for another server, it is not allowed.

Exploiting glitches or bugs is not allowed.
If you find an exploit, report it to staff immediately through a private communication channel such as in-game mail, "/msg", the website's private messaging, or Discord's private messaging.

Teleport Killing
Teleporting players to you specifically to catch them off-guard and kill them is not allowed. This also includes teleporting a player into any type of trap.
To avoid being teleport-killed, toggle PvP off with "/pvp" before accepting a teleport request.
When reporting teleport-killing, please provide some form of evidence, such as a screenshot or video. At the very least, please provide the exact time and date it occured so staff can investigate the logs.

Staff Impersonation
Please do not impersonate a staff member by using "/nick" or the Minecraft's name-changing feature to give yourself a nickname/username that is the same or similar to a staff member's.
If you're unsure whether a player is a staff member, note that staff will always have [Staff, Staff+, Staff++, Advisor, or Owner] next to their name and speak in gold chat.

The following types of skins are not allowed:
  • Nude or overly revealing skins
  • Racist or Cult skins

Any mod that gives you an unfair advantage over other players, such as X-Ray or Aimbot, is not allowed.
Any client that comes bundled with these types of mods, such as Nodus or Kinky, is not allowed.
Players caught cheating will be banned.

Harassing players is not tolerated.
This includes sexual harassment, name-calling, cyber-bullying, and any type of general harassment.

Sexual References
Any type of sexual reference is not allowed. This includes pixel art, chat, inappropriate builds, nicknames, item names, etc.

Gambling machines are allowed but they cannot be rigged; the chances of winning must be completely random or 50/50.

Scamming is not allowed.
Examples of scamming:

  • Agreeing to give back each others' items in PvP but then keeping the items.
  • Renaming items to make them appear to be something they're not in order to sell them to other players.
  • Tricking players into running harmful commands, such as island restart, paying money, etc.
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