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Solar Generators

Solar Gen.png
The Solar Generators are by far the cheapest type of generators that you can come across in slimefun. A generator is a machine that generates power out of a resource (sun, coal, compost). The Solar Generator (like the name says) generates power from the sun, so you basically get energy for free, after you placed the generator on the ground. There is one drawback to this, it will not generate energy during the night time, with an exception to the energized solar generator which generates half of its capabilities at night. There are 4 types of Solar generators:
Base (4 J/s), Advanced (16 J/s), Carbonado (64 J/s) and Energized (256 J/s during the day and 128 J/s during the night).
SG Recipe1.png
Solar Panel 3x
Electric Motor 1x
Aluminium Ingot 3x

SG Recipe2.png
Redstone 1x
Aluminium Ingot 4x
Solar Generator 4x

SG Recipe3.png
Carbonado 1x
Aluminium Ingot 1x
Advaced Solar Generator 4x

SG Recipe4.png
Electro magnet 1x
Blistering Ingot 4x
Carbonado Solar Generator 4x