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TOTAL Overhaul Coming Soon™️!
2 minute read

PandaCraft is coming back with a vengeance!

Axie and I are currently hard at work with a total overhaul of the PandaCraft server network. We'll be replacing every server (and adding new ones!) with modern setups featuring popular plugins and a sick custom resource pack!

While I had a blast making the machines in Skyblock, the code for them is super outdated and not something I want to continue to spend the time and energy maintaining, so we decided instead to stick with the plugins you all know and love. The only exception to this will be the TransportPipes rewrite that I'm currently working on as I've taken over maintenance of that plugin, but that's a different story for another time.

We plan to start with a Lobby, Skyblock, Earth Survival, and Prison server. If we can bring in enough players, we hope to eventually expand to include a Lifesteal, Factions, Gens, Creative, and Bedwars server, as well.

Some of the things you'll be able to look forward to in the new servers are:

  • Professionally built spawns
  • Spawner systems
  • Factories
  • Coins
  • PvP Arenas
  • Backpacks
  • Cosmetics
  • Crates
  • Minions
  • Custom Fishing
  • Furniture
  • Quests and Missions
  • Upgrade Systems
  • Skill and Ability Systems
  • Tool Skins
  • And tons more!

The Earth Survival server in particular sounds like a fun experience to me as it features a pre-generated 1:1500 scale map (24k x 12k blocks) shaped just like the real Earth, with a teleport system to allow you to travel between the continents. I hope to see some impressive themed builds scattered around. 😉

Besides the servers themselves, I've also overhauled the website so that it doesn't look quite so dated. I'll be adding more to the site periodically as development continues. 😀

Going forward, once the servers have been setup and are playable, Axie will take over as the main admin for the PandaCraft network. This is so I can focus on my responsibilities outside of PandaCraft, but rest assured that Axie has plenty of experience and my personal guidance. I'll still continue to offer new ideas and chime in on any difficult decisions, but for the most part Axie will retain autonomy over the network. Stay tuned for some of the awesome stuff she has planned!

That's all for now; I don't want to give away too much of the awesome stuff we have planned, after all. For now, the current servers will continue to operate normally until the new ones are all finished. I'll post again at that time to let everyone know when to expect the servers to switch over so you can hop on and try everything out. Panda out!

Welcome to the new site!
Welcome to the new site!
Welcome to PandaCraft's new official website! If you've visited us before, you might be wondering why the sudden change. I'll explain! We recently acquired some nicer hardware for the servers. This of course means we had to transfer everything...
2 minute read